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 As a dedicated website all about dogs, the site’s mission is to provide helpful information about dogs for their owners.

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We understand the journey of pet ownership and aim to provide parents with the best products, information, and services available.

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Your #1 One-top shop for all dog supplies and everyday needs. Whether you’re a trainer, vet, or simply a dog parent, you will find exact what you’re looking for at the prices you expect.

At Woodpecker Dog Supply, we believe that quality pet supplies shouldn’t cost a fortune. That is why we aim to provide local products. We also strive to provide our readers with a welcoming atmosphere where they can share their knowledge and tips with fellow pet owners.

Woodpecker Dog Supply believes that the key to a successful connection with your pet involves the enrichment in their lives and community. Pets deserve to live a great life and promote a healthy lifestyle with their pet parents.

We provide the local and imported products that are made of the best of quality. We also provide our readers with useful information, updates on adoption events, helpful tips on pet care, and more.