Established in 1991, Woodpecker Dog Supply is more than another major re-seller who purchases products for a hefty profit. We aim to provide our own quality supply that we’ve perfected for years to bring you quality pet food.

Woodpecker Dog Supply stands behind our products as our long-term customers praise our quality of ingredients in pet food. We believe that our pets deserve only the best quality ingredients not only for their overall health but also performance and well-being.

At Woodpecker Dog Supply, we care about the pet before the profit. Our mission is to provide pet owners with the best-valued products at an affordable price. That’s why our products and services go hand-in-hand.

We aim to help you choose the best dog supply, and not “sell” you. We won’t be content until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Feeling unhappy with the product? We’ll gladly replace it with no questions asked! That is why we stand behind our policy.

As a family of pet owners, we understand how important pets are in the family and the means us as pet parents go to as properly care for their four-legged members. We believe that their overall health relies on the food and supply we provide them with.